Latest exhibitions and awards in photo contests.


Here is a list of my latest exhibitions:
- "PePe" SCHODY Gallery in Warsaw 2012.
- "Gourmand" Pionova Gallery (Fukafe) in Gdansk 2012.
- "Gourmand" on "Sopot Fringe Festiwal" MCKA Zatoka Sztuki in Sopot 2011.
- "Gourmand" CSW Laznia in Gdansk, 2008r.
- "Phantom" international photo exhibition "Transfotografia", Sopot, 2008r.
- "Gangstarr" Clubogaleria Soho, Sopot, 2007r.
- "teddybearsworld" exhibitions in Gdansk, Sopot and Cracow, 2006r.

My pictures were estimated in various photo contests:
- Main prize in VIII Polish Photo Contest "Life is beautiful" 2014,
- Ist place in photo contest "I love my dog, because..." organized by Culture Ministry in Rybnik - Niewiadomie 2013,
- Special award in VIII Open Photography Contest in Olsztyn 2011.
- Grand Prix Złota Muszla in XII Photo Contest Złota Muszla 2010.
- Ist prize in IV Warsaw Artistic Photography Contest 2008r.
- IIIrd prize in PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2008r.
- special prize in XVIII National Artistic Photography Contest 2008r.