Urban Absurd - creative fine art photography.

In the domain of fine art photography I developed my unique style, whych I called Urban Absurd.

Urban Absurd are oryginal photographic creations, presented in series, which take place in the city environment. They have nothing in common with a reportage, because they are prearranged and precisely planned before execution. Urban Absurd is the way I try to show my vision of the world.

In terms of form, Urban Absurd are 6x6 square, black and white frames from a medium format camera. Since the beginning I use the same old Pentacon Six camera with set of manual fixed focus lenses. As an enthusiast of Ansel Adams zone system, I take special care of technical point of my pictures. The negatives I produce, present full scale of grey from black to white, with proper contrast value. I present my photographs in the internet in form of negative scans, and for the exhibitions I prepare prints in my darkroom.